200,000 times

Lock Lock's performance and durability meets the highest standard measured –EN 1906 Grade 7. Lock Lock was still opening and closing a door after being used 200,000 times ('opening cycles') in independent, third party testing. It's a great indicator of build quality – and the equivalent of opening and closing a door 4 times a day for 136 years!

Lock Lock

200,000 cycles

Accreditation requirement

100,000 cycles

Sprayed in salt water for







Lock Lock's seamless and edgeless design, and its multiple coatings of brass and nickel, ensure even the polished chrome option looks great after being hammered with salt water. It's already surpassed the highest grade of 480 hours required to achieve in the EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard – and is still going strong. Check out our website counter for a live update!

Lock Lock

8056 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds

Accreditation requirement

240 hours

Professionally attacked
4 times
for 3 minutes

Because the internal switch blocks the spindle none of the TS 007 entry methods open the door. That's how Lock Lock achieved the highest attack test rating for security handles on its very first test.

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