Double life,
double coating

You get style that lasts twice as long with Lock Lock. The chrome and gold finishes are achieved with two layers of copper and nickel, while conventional handles have just one. That's why Lock Lock exceeds the normal 240-hour salt spray test for endurance – twice!

Unrivalled protection, securing you and your family   >

Reinforced Cast Zinc





The Choice is Yours

Why shouldn't extreme personal protection look stunning? With Lock Lock, it always does. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, country-style or urban cool, there's a Lock Lock for you.

5 colour options

White, chrome, gold or stainless steel - the choice is yours. Why not
upgrade your property's style as well as its security?




Stainless Steel


What does your
Lock Lock look like?

Choose a handle type

Choose a colour

Choose a cylinder option

The handle shown is the 211mm model


With conventional locks, the lock cylinder sticks out from the handle. It's not a great look, is it? That's why with Lock Lock, the cylinder sits neatly inside the handle. True style comes from within.

For doors you don't
lock from the outside

The cylinder-free Lock Lock gives you a smarter option. Because cylinder-free means a stunningly seamless finish. The cylinder free option is available for various doors.

Back Door

Bi-Fold Door

French Door

See how
lock lock protects

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Ultra convenient with night time reassurance

Unrivalled protection, securing you and your family