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Protects you even if the lock is beaten

The patented lock-block stops the spindle turning. If the spindle doesn't turn, the door doesn't open.

Last year over 100,000 homeowners saw the intruder in their home

For every 100 burglaries 26 homeowners see the offender.

Tough to grip

Get a grip? Wannabe burglars just can't do it, thanks to Lock Lock's curved finish. Even with the use of the intruder's best friend, molegrips, Lock Lock's stylish rounded form deters and defends against attempted attacks. That's because Lock Lock is designed to be gripped in only one way – by you and your family.

Added spindle

With Lock Lock, every feature comes with its own safeguards. Making it even better at protecting what matters. Lock Lock's patented spindle design works in partnership with internal grub screws to actively prevent an aspiring burglar from pulling or pushing the spindle through. With every feature designed to protect against intruders, Lock Lock turns your door from a temptation into a deterrent.

Locked and

Why opt for average protection when you can choose protection that comes with a failsafe? With Lock Lock, your home is locked and locked. That means double the protection for you and your family. The handle must be turned up and the hooks engaged before the switch can be operated. So you don't just lock your door. You Lock Lock it.

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Strength at
every level

In 2015, for every 100 burglaries, 74 gained entrance through a door. So strength matters at every level. At 3mm thick, Lock Lock's walls are twice as thick as conventional handles. It also has hidden reinforced webs. With conventional handles, what you see is all you get. Lock Lock takes protection to the next level.

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Less cylinder
means less grip

It's a known fact that the more door cylinder there is to get hold of, the easier it is to break into your home. Anything the intruder can use to grip onto is a risk to your security. On the cylinder version of Lock Lock the cylinder sits inside the handle, rather than sticking out of it. Less cylinder and less grip means less risk for you and your loved ones.

Keeps protecting even
if he breaks the lock

With Lock Lock, better security is built right in. Because when you lock a door featuring Lock Lock, you lock the spindle. This patented design features a simple, super-safe switch which replaces the need to turn a key to lock your door. There's no fuss, no risk and no searching for keys. You simply press down the switch and your door is more than locked. It's Lock Locked. So your family is better protected. Instantly.


Why do most doors rely only on weak little steel M5 bolts to fix the handles to the door? Lock Lock doesn't. It's only ever fixed with 12.9 grade, high strength steel alloy M6 bolts. They are 210% stronger than M5 bolts!

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