Swap Keys for the Switch

Lock Lock removes the need for a key on the inside thanks to a clever switch.

Move the handle up, lock
flick the switch, lock

Personalise your lock lock

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No key required

No key, no stress!

You're home and you want to lock the door, but you can't find your key. Lock Lock removes the need for a key on the inside. That means no more searching for your keys. Plus, you get to lock your door more securely than you ever have before.

Night vision

"Did I lock the door or not?"

Those are the times when you stumble down the stairs in the middle of the night to check that the door really is locked. Not any more. Lock Lock's luminous lock indicator lets you know with one quick look that you really have locked your front door. It's a bright little feature in more ways than one. Now you can have instant top-of-stairs night time reassurance that your door is protecting you.

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There's an emergency and you need to get out of your house. Fast. What's the last thing you want to be doing? Searching for keys.

With Lock Lock, you can be sure that this will never happen to you and your family. You just flick the switch and get out. Hopefully you'll never need to worry about it, but why take the risk?

It even
sounds locked

Lock Lock lets you know when you're making your family more secure. Just listen out for the reassuringly solid "clunk clunk" noise that tells you when your door is Lock Locked.

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The perfect fit

Lock Lock fits all PVC and composite doors and any other door with a standard 122mm or 211mm handle set. Because protecting what matters should be as simple as possible.

The simple fit

Here's another reason homeowners love Lock Lock: you don't need to replace the door or locking mechanism to add it to your home. No fuss. No drama. No drill. Just an upgrade to effortless protection for you and your family.

See how
lock lock protects

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